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A new Training Mat that minimizes potential injuries caused by landing on the edge of safety mats. Traditional training mats, skill cushions, stunt mats and soft mats are made with a 90° drop off from the landing area of the mat to the floor area where the mat is placed. As a result, landing on the edge of a mat can cause serious ankle and leg injuries. US GymMats' "Safe-Edge" Training Mats™ have gently sloping sides which are much more forgiving with misdirected landings.

Designed and tested by US GymMats for the past three years. This safety product is a valuable addition to gymnastics, rock climbing, martial arts, cheerleading, tumbling, physical education classes and any activity where safety foam mats are used for cushioning and protection.

Our new Safe-Edge™ mats are made with the same materials as traditional training mats: 18 oz. knife coated vinyl and prime polyurethane foam.

Proudly made in the USA and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Call our sales department (888-756-8747) for more details and ordering information!

US GymMats, in Lutherville, Maryland USA has developed a brand new Rock Climbing Floor System which is "state of the art". Our foam padded system eliminates foam scraps, tire treads, gravel and burlap. Our climbing floors are safe, level, attractive, easy to install and easy to clean and maintain.

USGymMats Rock Floors USGymMats Rock Floors

Our recommended foam products are designed and manufactured for protection and safety, longevity and afford ability. We offer a complete line of Rock Climbing Gym Floors and training accessories that come with a one year warranty on quality and workmanship. You cannot find a better padded Rock Floor System at a lower price.

Photos shown Earth Treks - Maryland | Rhode Island Rock Gym | Sport Rock - Maryland | Gravity Vault - New Jersey

USGymMats Rock Floors
USGymMats Rock Floors

*Quick Delivery
*Complete factory support in installation
*Safety landing mats available at additional charge
*Floor system Skirting available at a nominal price
*Floor systems available in Royal BLUE, GRAY, PURPLE or RED




Complete Floor Systems for Commercial Gyms to Home Walls starting at as little as $5.86 per square foot

Item No Description Cost
CF 125 1-3/8" Deluxe Carpet Bonded Foam $2.17 / sq.ft. (42' roll)
PF35-612 Under lament 3-1/2" Poly Foam $3.69 / sq.ft.
RFF-7 Optional Vinyl Skirting $2.00 per Linear Foot
VEL-4 4" Velcro Securing Straps $.90 per Linear Foot (42' roll)


Indoor Rock Climbing Safety Pits

Training Mats and Safety Pits - 18 oz. Vinyl/Mesh Covers
TM48/50/70 4" Thick Solid Poly Filled Starting $300.00
TM8 8" Thick Solid Poly Filled Starting @ $319.00
TM12 12" Thick Solid Poly Filled Starting @ $426
TP18 18"Poly Filled Starting @ $907.00
GP24 24" Lattice Designed Poly Filled Starting @ $546.00
GP32 32" Lattice Designed Poly Filled Starting @ $651.00
Available Sizes: 4'x6' | 4'x8' | 5'x10' | 6'x12' | 8'x12' | 8'x18'
Custom Sizes Available at a Slightly Higher Charge
Call Toll Free 888-756-8747 or E-MAIL for Details

or Call Toll Free 888-756-8747

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