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   US GymMats is a sales and consulting group providing protective foam products and padding for a variety of sports and recreational activities. We offers Top-of-the-Line athletic mats for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, physical education, home exercise, fitness and rock climbing. We are extensively involved in providing the sports world with the finest quality protective mats and padding available in the Unites States. Our sports mats and floor padding are designed exclusively for the rigorous requirements necessary for athlete protection in training and competition

   We have over 30 years of hands-on experience in the these sporting areas including public school physical education, private gymnastics and dance clubs, university kinesiology, outdoor education and NCAA athletic training and competition. We are experienced in the manufacturing and design of protective foam products for athletics and sports. Our products are made of the finest materials available in the United States and are designed for protection and safety, longevity and affordability. You can not find a better sports mat at a more afordable price.

   Count on us and our experience to provide you with a working knowledge of the facilities you are interested in padding as well as the properties of foam materials which will best meet your athletes' needs. We sell only top quality mats with top quality foam components.

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